Qingxing Tongding Furnace of Longxing Temple

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Longxing Temple in Zhengding County, Hebei Province, was the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units announced by the State Council on March 14, 1961.

In the Great Hall of the Longxing Temple, the bronze statue of the Great Bodhisattva, the famous bronze statue of the Great Buddha, is also enshrined in the ancient bronze statue of ancient China.

In front of the Great Tragedy Pavilion, there is a large copper ding furnace that was minted in the early years of the Qing Dynasty. It is used to burn incense and worship Buddha. Now, as a large ancient cultural relic, it is displayed in front of the main hall for visitors to visit.

The Copper tripod furnace is well preserved. It is also composed of three parts: the circular ding furnace body, the belly and the top of the furnace. It is up to 3.4m and was cast in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty (1662-1722).

The lower part of the large incense burner is a circular tripod body with three feet and two ears. The three feet of the foot are cast with the image of the beast head. The outer diameter of the round body is 1.4m. Among them, the most prominent is the gossip symbol. Usually, the Taoist symbol of the Taoist temple likes to use the gossip symbol, and the bronze dragonfly on the Longxing Temple also has a gossip symbol, reflecting the fusion of Buddha and Tao.

The central belly is a hexahedron with windows on each side, which is more compact.

The upper furnace top is composed of a heavy-duty round-shaped top-shaped treasure top, and the tile-shaped ridges and bucket arches on which the imitation is cast are exquisite.

The whole Copper tripod is placed on a round stone base, which is tall, magnificent and very beautiful. In front of the Amitabha Temple in the Longxing Temple, there is also a copper-drilled furnace cast in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. The shape is similar to that of the copper-drilled furnace in front of the Great Sorrow, but the size is smaller, the height is 2.8m, and the outer diameter of the circular body is It is 1.1m. Moreover, some of the copper-drilled furnaces have been damaged. The original cast copper roof has not existed yet. It is replaced by an iron-cast roof, which makes the original finest cultural relics inferior, so it will not be detailed.

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