The origin of Confucius

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The ancestors of Confucius were the aristocrats of the Song Dynasty (now Henan Summer), and the ancestors were the founding monarchs of the Shang Dynasty. After the chaos of the three prisoners at the beginning of the week, in order to appease the nobles and descendants of the Shang Dynasty, Zhou Gong blocked the Shang Dynasty with Zhou Chengwang's orders and established the king's brother Wei Zikai. In the Song Dynasty of Shangqiu, worship Yin. After the neutrino began to die, his younger brother Wei Zhong was in place and Wei Zhong was the fifteenth ancestor of Confucius.

Kong’s ancestors six generations were Kong’s father. Confucius Jia is a doctor in the Song Dynasty. He used to be a big Sima. This land was located in the Song Dynasty and was later killed in the chaos of the court. Confucius's son Mu Jinfu, Mu Jin and his son Kong Fangshu, and Uncle Kong's grandson Shu Liang are the fathers of Confucius. They settled in the Song Dynasty (now Qufu) to avoid the war in the Song Dynasty. The official position is a doctor.

Shi Shushu’s wife, Shi Shi, gave birth to nine daughters but no sons. Xiao Xiao gave birth to his eldest son. The skin is sick, and Uncle Liang is very dissatisfied, so he asks Nayan’s daughter to be a beggar. There are three daughters, only her little daughter Yan Yan is willing to marry Shu Liang.
Yan Yan was less than 20 years old in his time, Shu Liang was sixty-six years old. His age is very different. The two married and got married. Husband and wife live in Nishan and become pregnant, so they are called "wild." According to "Historical Records Confucius Family", Confucius was born in Luchangping Township on October 22, BC (September 28, 551 BC).
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