Confucius' moral theory

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Confucius constructed a complete "avenue" ideology: at the individual level, he advocated the virtues and virtues of "benevolence and courtesy." Moral and moral ideology is based on the theory of goodness ("one yin and one yang is the road, followed by the good, and the human is also"). Its purpose is to establish the human pole ("three poles" way), human and heaven and earth. Communication, gentle humanity, and timely becoming a methodology of complete ideology.

Confucius's kindness reflects the human spirit, and Confucius' ritual theory embodies the ritual spirit, that is, the order and system in the modern sense. Humanism is the eternal theme of mankind. It applies to any society, any era and any government. Order and institutional society are the basic requirements for building a civilized society. This humanitarian and order spirit of Confucius is the essence of ancient Chinese social political thought.

Confucius built a moral theory with Ren as the core. He is also a kind person, compassionate, helpful, sincere and generous. "Don't do what you want to do, don't do things for others", "the beauty of a gentleman's adult, the evil of not being adult", "the confidence and weak responsibility", etc., are his standards for becoming a man. Zi Yan: "When I have five, I am willing to learn, thirty stand, forty is not chaotic, fifty know the fate, sixty are pleasing to the eye, seventy are from the heart, not a moment." This is Confucius's life for himself. Stage summary.
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