Animal bronze sculpture

The copper sculpture of animals refers to the bronze sculpture of copper animals made by forging or casting. It is a bronze sculpture of animals. The animals that are cast generally contain a specific meaning to express the ideas of the bronze sculptor or to promote a positive spirit. Through the techniques of coloring/painting/antique, the animal's appearance is often vivid, and it is often used in urban streetscapes, park gardens, children's playgrounds and other places. Depending on the specific engraving content, such as large lions and elephants, it can also give people a shocking visual To find out more, please call:086-181-3202-0826

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Copper lion

The lion is first and foremost a symbol of authority, and it is also a beast. In the Chinese lion culture, there are also the meanings of endless life, family reproduction, and social prosperity (such as lion rolling hydrangea); lions also appear in Buddhist books and statues, thus adding auspicious meaning to the lion; Often, the copper lion is placed in the courtyard of the house, and there is a town house to cure evil, so that the demon monster outside the door does not dare to enter the house to disturb people.

Kirin bronze sculpture

Kirin is a sacred beast and a holy beast in ancient Chinese mythology. It is a gentleman's temperament. It is used for figurative talents and talents. Qilin is also a symbol of kindness and harmony. It can ward off evil spirits and recruit wealth. The copper unicorn not only embodies the respected heart of the giver, but also sends a true feeling and auspiciousness to the wealth and son of the owner, making the family harmonious and prosperous.

Elephant bronze sculpture

The clever and spiritual image is homophonic with the word "Xiang" in Chinese traditional culture, so it is endowed with auspicious meaning, which is a symbol of more auspiciousness and strength in the minds of the Yi people.

Copper cow

The bronze sculptures based on cows can express harmony and tranquility (country, shepherd, etc.), and can also express strength and momentum (bull, Wall Street, etc.), such as Chinese bulls, bulls, etc., so there is still good A sign of momentum and an imposing charm.

Horse bronze sculpture

Ma has an extraordinary cultural influence in Chinese culture. The bronze sculpture horse is mainly to promote this cultural spirit, such as the spirit of Longma, to strive for endless struggle and self-improvement; ability, talent, and octave; There is a symbol of arrogance, vitality and enthusiasm.

Dragon bronze sculpture

The dragon is a species in mythology of China, and it has an extremely important social influence. The dragon made by bronze sculpture can reflect the momentum and aura of the dragon. According to the production method, the bronze sculpture dragon is divided into two types: forged copper and cast copper. According to the material, it is divided into bronze dragon, copper dragon, brass dragon, etc.; according to the production process, it is divided into various forms such as gold dragon, lacquer gold and painted.

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