Copper Buddha statue

The bronze Buddha statue refers to a bronze sculpture of bronze Buddha statue made of cast copper or wrought copper. It is often made with gold, lacquered gold, antique, painted and other techniques. Its contents are nothing more than Buddhist figures such as Buddha, Guanyin, Maitreya. It is mainly used for worship in temple ancestral temples, and there are also believers who customize small-sized bronze Buddha statues in the courtyard, or make large bronze sculptures of Buddha statues related to Buddhism-related attractions.To find out more, please call:086-181-3202-0826

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Guanyin bronze sculpture

Guanyin is the view of freedom, and it is also a symbol of compassion and wisdom. It is equal and selfless and universal. It is often used in religious temples and can also be used in urban scenic spots to ensure the safety and tranquility of a party.

Buddha Tathagata Bronze sculpture

If Buddha comes to Sakyamuni Buddha, it is also called the Great Day. It is a symbol of light and wisdom. It means the image of "Ji Cai", "Auspiciousness", "All merits and achievements", "Awareness" and so on.

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