Character bronze sculpture

The bronze sculpture of a character refers to a bronze sculpture of a bronze character made by forging or casting. It is a bronze sculpture with the main theme of the character. The characters cast are mainly historical celebrities and great men, mainly used for commemoration, memorial service and encouragement; some ordinary people such as peasants and hawkers are also used. This type of character bronze sculpture is often presented in the form of essays, mainly for expression. The author's thoughts or preach a positive social spirit. The commemorative bronze sculptures are often used in schoTo find out more, please call:086-181-3202-0826

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Confucius bronze sculpture

Confucius thought has a profound influence on China and the world. Confucius is listed as the "top ten cultural celebrities in the world". The bronze statue of Confucius made of copper material is very suitable for the promotion of Chinese culture and is the preferred sculpture in school and diplomacy.

Guan Yu bronze sculpture

Guan Yu, the famous Han and Han dynasties in the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms. After Guan Yu’s death, he was deified, and the folks respected it as “Guan Gong”. In the Qing Dynasty, there were many seals in the court. In the Qing Dynasty, it was regarded as “Zhongyi God Wuling Youren Yongwei Shengguan Shengdi”, worshipping “Wu Sheng” and “Wen Sheng”. Confucius has the same name.

Chairman Mao bronze sculpture

Chairman Mao Zedong is one of the most famous historical great men in modern and contemporary China. Chairman Mao is the main founder and leader of the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese People's Liberation Army and the People's Republic of China. At the same time, Chairman Mao is still a poet and calligrapher! Chairman Mao's bronze sculpture series can not only cherish the memory of people, but also promote the Chinese spirit.

Lei Feng bronze sculpture

The Lei Feng bronze sculpture is mainly used to publicize and promote the spirit of Lei Feng. The spirit of Lei Feng refers to the selfless dedication of Lei Feng. The spirit of Lei Feng has influenced Chinese people from generation to generation. The Lei Feng statue is very suitable for installation in the army, government and schools. The significance of its impact is extraordinary.

Laborer bronze sculpture

It is labor that creates a beautiful life, and labor creates all spiritual and material wealth in life. The bronze sculptures with the laborer as the sculpture content are often presented in the form of sculptural pieces, which can trigger the warning and promotion of the world.

Children's bronze sculpture

The sculptures of bronze sculptures with children and children are mostly based on children's children's interest. The purpose of children's bronze sculptures is to promote the harmony, happiness and tranquility. It is the first choice in the sculpture of urban party and government construction. One of the forms.

Celebrity bronze sculpture

Celebrity bronze sculptures with ancient and modern celebrities as the prototypes are designed to cherish the celebrities, trace the celebrity footprints, promote the celebrity spirit, and expect the celebrity effect to guide the viewers.

Great bronze sculpture

The bronze sculpture of the great man, carved out from the ancient great and the great historical figures, aims to cherish the great man of history, trace the footprints of great men, and carry forward the spirit of great men.

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